Ħajku tan-natura / Nature haiku #19

Following on from yesterday’s very preliminary thoughts on the haiku form/genre, though I try to respect the 5-7-5 syllable structure as far as possible (the rhythms of which are more flexible and diverse than they may seem, with or without the occasional metrical license), I’m not one of those who believe that modern haiku absolutely must be related to a season, nor composed around a kigo key-word – I’m a lot more interested in particularity of image, irony and paradox, and wherever possible, an element of surprise. Having said that, I do write ‘nature’ haiku from time to time. This morning, I awoke to swallows gliding outside the window; it’s cloudy and cold, and for over a month, it’s been difficult to comprehend what season we happen to be in.

L-ewwel ta’ Ġunju,
ħuttaf fil-bard. Daħal tard,
jew wasal kmieni?

First of June. Swallows
in the cold. Have they come late,
or are they early?


About antoinecassar

Poet, translator, editor, activist http://antoinecassar.info http://passaportproject.org http://mondepasrond.org
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One Response to Ħajku tan-natura / Nature haiku #19

  1. kiwiskan says:

    I am a student of haiku, and enjoying your posts

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